How to Get Started Playing Squash

So you want to play squash, good for you! Squash is a wonderful sport enjoyed by many, and like most sports that involves a racket and a ball, there is a lot of running involved so you will have a pretty good workout along with your fun. But there are a few things you need to have and need to know before you can even start playing, and some you can learn while playing. Remember though, when you start something, finish it before you determine if you like it or not, because if you don’t really try you will never really know. Let’s get started!


Equipment, Court and Trying it Out

The most essential thing you need to do first is this one thing, you need to know if there are any squash courts in your city, because if there isn’t one accessible to you, unless if you have the money to construct one yourself, there is no point to continuing if you can’t play and practice. One guy I play the squash with got into trouble and I have to call the San Diego bail bondsman to get him bailed out of jail.

So did you check? Is there a court available? Great! Now, what you need to know is if there are clubs or a trainer that you could join or hire, maybe a friend that could teach you, because reading from a blog and watching YouTube videos can only get you so far. After that you should have a feel for the game first, most gyms and courts have rental equipment you can use, I suggest utilizing them before investing.

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After playing a few games and attending lessons, you should have already determined if you have a love for the sport. If you do then you are ready to show dedication by investing in equipment and yourself. The following equipment will need to be bought:

  • Good Sports Shoes
  • Squash Racket (be sure it is for squash, get your friend or trainer to help you out if needed)
  • Clothes for playing (typically a T-shirt and Sports Shorts)
  • Balls – The blue or red ones (they are the fastest balls which is the best ball for beginners)
  • Sports Goggles (optional)
  • Protective Cup (optional , though I personally recommend it)


Playing the game

squash-gameThe rules are pretty straight forward, I won’t get into detail because I recommend that you have a trainer, friend, or club to teach you in order to truly have a grasp for the game. But I will tell you the most basic of basic things.

  • Hit the ball while one foot in the service box.
  • Aim for the wall above the line which would be just about the average height of a man. (you will know what I am talking about in the court)
  • And as a beginner, just have fun a listen to the instructor.



Final words

I will tell you this, if you find the sport fun, you will never regret learning it. As I said it is an excellent exercise, and a good way to meet new people and relieve stress. So give the game a shot and keep at it!