Squash and Racquetball Surprisingly Very Different

I’ve been playing racquet ball for some time now, and when my friends invited me to play a game of squash I was very confident that I could easily learn and possibly beat them, that was a very erroneous presumption, as I only realized that the two sports, though very similar are actually very different to the core. If you’re a really good athlete you might not notice because you are probably able to learn any sport you set your mind to almost instantly, but for a regular Joe like me who just enjoys an occasional game or two, the difference in rules and tools makes for a whole different ball game.




The Experience

Short story, I suck at squash, which isn’t really surprising given that I was never really that good with racquetball. But I realized that squash was something that was more fun, albeit more exhausting, and that the game was a bit easier to follow. The thing about squash though is that it is harder than racquetball, which was surprising given that racquetball actually uses a smaller racket, I thought it would have been something a bit more in the realm of tennis meets racquetball in a relatively smaller court. I was dead wrong about that, the rules of the game made the game fun and challenging but extremely hard to play, and that thing with being behind the player during shots or something (the way I thought of it at that time) made it all the more confusing.

It was not until I opened up and set aside my over-competitiveness and ego that I learned the sport properly that I learned how exciting and beautiful the game really was. The rules made sense and made it fun, and the difference between the two sports became clearer.



I’ve established some of the differences of the sport above, but to be more precise, the court is and the tools are the major difference between the two games, which is actually pretty much what the two games are mainly comprised of so , yeah it is pretty much apples and oranges. Some of the major differences are the following.

  • Squash is relatively more physically demanding compared to Racquetball.
  • Racquetball uses smaller rackets compared to Squash, 22in vs. 27in.
  • Squash uses smaller balls.
  • The court layout is very different. (Hard to explain without illustrations, so search it yourself)


Final Thoughts

I still play Racquetball every now and then, but I have completely switched to squash as my main sport. More of my friends play the sport and I find that the game being harder allows me to have a better workout compared to other sports.

In this experience I have learned that no matter how similar two sports look, they may be extremely different when it comes to actually playing said sport. It is important to separate each sport from each other when playing and not let the ego of being relatively good in one sport make you over confident with the other.