Squash Athletes Association of Portland

squash-equipment-and-bagThe Squash Athletes Association of Portland (SAAP) is a growing community of squash players, coaches, and sport enthusiasts in the city of Portland. The group was first created in the late 90’s in order to build a group or community that caters to the interests of the sport enthusiasts. Another aim is to promote the sport to every age and to cater to those interested be it an enthusiast, player, coach, or manager. A more open access to the sport facilities, equipment and training can help achieve the awareness and participation in the said sport. Up until now the group is still active on encouraging people regarding of age, gender, profession, or level of expertise. As of now universities who offer degrees in physical education and student programs for sports are now helping to attain the cause of the Squash Athletes Association of Portland. Some university sport-related organizations have also considered collaborating with SAAP for future activities and tournaments.

The SAAP community thrives to conduct local tournaments within the city, non-competitive and friendly tournaments, squash trainings and workshops for beginner and intermediate levels, local seminars on the benefits of playing squash, and workshops on equipment and facility maintenance.  The community has registered members who are capable as resource speakers and trainers, while the option for inviting other guest speakers and trainers is open. Various coaches, squash trainers, fitness trainers, sports psychologists were already invited to lead the seminars, trainings and workshops. SAAP also collaborates with local pest control experts for the workshops on equipment and facility maintenance.

The Squash Athletes Association of Portland is one of the various squash leagues in America that are connected to the USA Squash Association. SAAP is planning to conduct more activities and programs with the collaboration of other local squash organizations, or even under the USA Squash Association. As of now, SAAP is on its way to making the organization bigger in number, and its name more widespread. Aside from this, the organization also accepts donations or sponsorships from any willing or interested individual, company, or institution. The donations and sponsorships are all used for the success of the seminars, trainings, workshops, and tournaments.