Where to Find Homes For Sale in Canada

When I first learned of the possibility of purchasing Canada MLS homes for sale I was dumbfounded. Canada is not a common choice for American buyers and yet many Americans are purchasing their first home in the North. There are several reasons for this but one main reason is because it is so far away. It took me about 7 years to reach the point where I had to look into buying a real estate property in Canada. Here are the reasons I originally bought my house in Canada:

Time-I wanted to sell my house in Canada so I figured if I could find a good real estate listing in Canada, then I would have accomplished what I was hoping to do in the first place. So I went to Google and began searching using the terms “Canadians searching for real estate listings” and “Canadian MLS home prices” along with the country I was living in. Within a matter of seconds I had dozens of websites that had Canadian real estate listings.

-I decided to use some Canadian terminology to help get visitors interested in what I was selling. Instead of saying residence, I wrote condominiums and I looked at houses that were in the condominium market. I wanted to sell condominiums because not only did I not want to have to rent out another house, I also did not want to own a house that was in a real estate market.

-I went on the internet and looked at pictures of the houses in the area to make sure that they looked like what I was looking for. I found that many real estate listings had pictures that were older than I wanted. I went back to Google and I used the “use words” feature. This time, I used the terms “circumstance”, “house in good shape” and “sale”. These terms brought up several real estate listings in the area that I was looking for.

-I went on the MLS today and I chose to do a detailed search. I put in the criteria that I had used in my previous searches and this time, I got several results. Now I knew that there were probably some homes that I could not obtain through other means. But I was thrilled when I saw that there were several homes that I was able to obtain from this tool. So I went back to my search and I hit “search” and searched again. This time, the search returned several results and this time, there were also links to some photos.

-I used the “real estate” tool again. This time, I put in the term “canada main”. This returned several results and a few of them gave me phone numbers that I could call to reserve a show house. The ones that returned phone numbers were the same ones that I used to find the houses. The other results gave me several pictures of houses and some showed properties that I was interested in.

-I found an edmonton real estate site that has information on the properties that are for sale in the area. I went through several of them and I found a number of listings that were similar to what I had earlier. This gave me options to browse through the different types of property that I was interested in. Now all I had to do was to perform the sentence map search and it would give me a list of all the houses that are similar to what I was looking for in the area.

-I visited the site that provided the information for the Canada MLS and I did some more research on the net. This time, I decided to check out several of the houses. This gave me a better idea of what kind of house I really wanted. This was a good advantage since the earlier option gave me choices. It was only 6 hours ago though when I first looked up the real estate in Edmonton, I would have had to spend a couple of days just to find what I want now.